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Teaching Methedology

The children are cared by love, affection and guided by teachers. The teachers constantly monitor the performance of the students both in scholastic and co-scholastic activities. Teachers being well-qualified and dedicated, set the aim to make the students to reach their destiny. Teachers adopt student centered methodology in their teaching and supplement it by the listed.

  • Individual care taking

  • Activity oriented method

  • Group discussion

  • Arranging educational trip

  • Case study

  • Vision through audio-visual aids

  • Remedial teaching for slow learners

  • Learning by doing

  • Use of teaching aids for effective learning

Language Teaching

Due importance is set for language teaching as is the thought of developing communicative competence in students as required in the present era. Teachers do set a platform for the students to take part in various activities to inculcate, imbibe the art of speaking and writing.