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Welcome to Vidya Vahini School

Vidya Vahini School established in the year 2003 is administered by Sri B.Gangappa Education Trust ®. The school is situated on one acre of land amidst the place of tranquility. The pleasant atmosphere, scenic beauty, aesthetic structures and the serene settings of the location is an added advantage to extract the best from every student who choose to be in this abode of secular wisdom and learning.

We promote Vidya Vahini School to be in your mind because, the school is

  • A place to learn; a chance to grow

  • We make studying enjoyable, enlightening and stimulating

  • We fuse ancient wisdom and modern technology to trigger the child’s intellect

Benefits of School:

  • Teaching with creativity leading to ability to interest, engage and inspire

  • Translating the school’s vision, priorities and targets into explicit policies and practices

  • Developing a culture which demonstrates that teaching is valued

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To be in the leading position as best educational facilitator to students to reach their milestone.

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Our mission is to imbibe innovation in all our deeds , cultivate it through learning environment to attain global standards and help young minds to be the most admirable personalities.

Core Values

  • Respect the expectation of the parents, employees and partners and value their association with us.

  • To be child centered in our approach, we sensitize the feelings of the young ones.

  • Exhibit excellent professional service.

  • Promote discipline throughout the organization.

  • Respond to the contemporary and futuristic changes of technology.

  • Transparency in all transactions to keep up the reputation of the organization.

  • Value and protect the social, cultural and environmental needs.

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Message From Chairman’s Desk

Education today, more than ever before, must see clearly the dual objective: education for living and educating for making a living.
James Mason Wood

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The idea of opening school germinated in my mind as I truly believe “The future of a nation is only as good as its children and the children as good as the educational context within which they are nurtured” is a profound sentiment often expressed in various ways by scholar, visionary and former President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

We are a learning organization committed to adapting and implementing new pedagogies and regard co-curricular and life skills education as being important and hence, we give it adequate focus in our school calendar.

Our teaching and learning philosophy infuses traditional values into a progressive approach, equipping students become independent, yet capable of adapting and excelling in their chosen fields anywhere in the world.

In order to attain enlightenment, the school shall sincerely try to increase efficiency and effectiveness in every aspect of school life. The school shall strive for excellence in all fields to reach the pinnacle of its aim.

It is my proud privilege to let know that Vidya Vahini School has successfully reached the milestone of a decade.
I thank each and every one who have contributed to the establishment and survival of this great temple.

Message from Principal’s Desk

The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others.
Grayson Kirk

As a Principal, I take pride in stating that I lead a team of motivated educators. The school offers a host of interesting & exciting programs to raise teaching-learning standards. True to say, the team work productively and harmoniously; the reporting lines are maintained, help and support are provided so is the result proved witness of securing 100% result in CBSE Board Exam constantly. My concern lies primarily with students and the team I work with. By creating a learning environment that is vibrant and at the same time friendly, to have been able to motivate the team who not only consider VVS as more than just a work place but also as a space that nurtures their individuality while harnessing their team spirit.

We feel that our mission to create young people in a holistic manner is the very essence of what education should be. The current scenario is rapidly growing, hence it is essential to develop students not only intellectually but practically to enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow. So is the set of our mind in planning the scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

The school has the pride to boast of a fairly flat organizational structure. This prospectus brings you a transparent picturisation of the infrastructure set up in the school. I truly believe the photographs of the various activities conducted instigate and inspire the children who choose Vidya Vahini as an Abode of Learning to develop their overall personality.

Warm greetings and best wishes to all.

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Staff Details

Sl No. Name Qualification Designation Date of Appointment Date of Confirmation Classes Assigned Experience
01 Sunitha Mallesh Msc , B.ed Principal 1-02-2005 23-05-2018 10 (Biology) 13 Years
02 Balagopalan K.V Msc , B.ed , M.A , M.ed Acd . Coordinator 1 -06 - 2009 23-05-2018 9 , 10 (English) 10 Years
03 Latha S BA , B.ed , M.A Asst Teacher 30-05-2011 23-05-2018 9 , 10 (Social) 6 Years
04 Arshad , B.ed Asst Teacher 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 9 , 10 (Phy , Chem) 3 Years
05 T. Sreekanth B.ed , Asst Teacher 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 7 , 8 (Maths) 2 Years
06 Radika B.A , B.ed Asst Teacher 27-05-2013 23-05-2018 5,6,7 (English) 5 Years
07 Pushpa S B.A , B.ed , M.A Asst Teacher 24-05-2010 23-05-2018 5,6,10 (Kannada) 4 Years
08 Komala Devi B.ed , M.A Asst Teacher 23-05-2014 23-05-2018 7,8,9 (Kannada) 4 Years
09 Kavitha L , B.ed Asst Teacher 16-05-2016 23-05-2018 5 , 6 (Maths) 3 Years
10 Kavitha R V M.A , B.ed Asst Teacher 06-05-2017 23-05-2018 5, 6 7 (Hindi) 3 Years
11 Vijaya D M B.ed , M.A Asst Teacher 22-05-2017 23-05-2018 3, 4 (Kannada) 3 Years
12 Raghavendra, B.ed Asst Teacher 22-05-2017 23-05-2018 10 (Maths) 6 years
13 Keshav , B.ed Asst Teacher 22-05-2017 23-05-2018 7 (Physics) 4 years
14 Padmavathi , B.ed Asst Teacher 22-05-2017 23-05-2018 7 (Science) 3 years
15 Smitha , B.ed Asst Teacher 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 3 , 4 (Hindi) 2 Years
16 Nandini , B.ed Asst Teacher 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 3 , 4 (Science) 2 Years
17 Sandeepa Nair , B.ed Asst Teacher 22-05-2017 23-05-2018 5,6,7 (Science) 2 years
18 Keerthi R BBM , NTT Asst Teacher 15-06-2016 23-05-2018 1,2 (Hindi)
1,2,3 (Computer)
3 Years
19 Parmeet , B.ed Asst Teacher 22-05-2017 23-05-2018 1,2 (Science)
I (Social)
2 Years
20 Kavitha G LLB , NTT Asst Teacher 27-05-2013 23-05-2018 LKG A 6 Years
21 Shashikala , NTT Asst Teacher 19-05-2015 23-05-2018 1 , 2 (Kannada) 4 Years
22 Sowmya NTT Asst Teacher 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 Pre-Nursery 2 Years
23 Bhanu Shalini NTT Asst Teacher 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 UKG A 2 Years
24 Nayana NTT Asst Teacher 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 UKG B 2 Years
25 Hallesh , BPED P.E Teacher 11-06-2012 23-05-2018 1,2,3,4 (P.E) 6 Years
26 Prabhu B.A , BPED P.E Teacher 11-06-2012 23-05-2018 2 years
27 Thippeswamy M.Lib Liberian 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 1 year
28 Mary Kurisunkal B.A Psychology Counsellor 23-05-2018 23-05-2018 1 year
29 Shruthi S BBM Accountant 22-05-2017 23-05-2018 2 years
30 Shruthi C H PRO Admin PRO 22-07-2017 23-05-2018 2 years